Emmanuel Macron the narcissistic who destroyed democracy

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T-shirt Emmanuel Macron the narcissistic who destroyed democracy.
  • Category: Europe
  • Format: PNG
  • Transparency: Yes
  • Size file: 9000×9000 pixels
  • Weight: 9055KB
  • Brand: Rebel Republik Art
  • Copyright: ¬©rebelrepublikart.com
  • Date First Available: 2022-08-20
  • Design Type: Image and slogan
  • Design Description: Image and slogan, portrait drawing of Emmanuel Macron on a red circle, black and red text on grey background on PNG transparent with slogan “Emmanuel Macron the narcissistic who destroyed democracy.”

We have the impression that we are dealing with the best of the best when it comes to Emmanuel Macron; he has the image of the ideal son-in-law, but he is actually the polar opposite of the image he likes to present. The current French president suffers from a mental pathology known as narcissistic perversion. Macron despises both France and the French. It only seeks to improve its image and relies on those who do so. The narcissistic pervert is untrustworthy, but he succeeds due to his fascination with seducing his interlocutor. He feels no remorse because he is never guilty. Emmanuel Macron, like all psychopaths, poses a particular threat. Emmanuel Macron the narcissistic who destroyed democracy!

Hitler was given a complex dubbed the “Messiah Complex.” This term refers to a person’s psychic state in which he believes he is destined to be a saviour. It is well known that Hitler considered himself to be on a messianic mission to save Germany. Macron readily declares to the press that he has a “vision,” a mission that goes beyond politics. This is the mission entrusted to him by his mentors, who fund his campaign: save the Euro, Europe, globalism, finance, and its oligarchies. Its declared enemies are the refractory Western peoples, who are opposed to globalism, the Patriots, and their leaders, including Marine.

Emmanuel Macron’s ostentatious and hypocritical genuflections in high places of WWII memory highlight these contradictions. To carry the iron of a war of the rich against the poor, of those who speculate against those who work, to organize and instrumentalize a civilizational conflict in order to win victory and achieve this goal: to end democracy and replace it with a “enlightened despotism”: the New World Order, the domination of the world by a caste of hyper-identified “supermen” and having all powers over peoples considered as subhumans, an anonymous cattle doomed to slavery. Emmanuel Macron is the candidate of this despairing caste, the enemy of France’s sovereignty and the democracy that he is destroying.

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Vincent Cassel actor wearing on his T-shirt “Macron the narcissistic who destroyed democracy”
Zinedine Zidane
Zinedine Zidane Real Madrid coach wearing on his T-shirt “Macron the narcissistic who destroyed democracy”
Omar Sy
Omar Sy actor wearing on his T-shirt “Macron the narcissistic who destroyed democracy”
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