Links of interest

On this page, I provide links to websites about human rights, freedom fighters, and everything opposing the globalist agenda that I believe will be useful to my readers.

Reignite World Freedom

The mission of Reignite World Freedom is to implement a global, unified, and strategic pushback against the globalist agenda, ensuring our individual and collective liberty.

The Canadian Truckers who convoyed to their capital city inspired this concept. We all watched in awe as these brave truck drivers stood their ground in the bitter cold. Imagine if the entire global freedom movement participated in a coordinated and organized event at the same time with a common goal: to demonstrate to globalists that we will not trade our freedoms for a false sense of security.

The global freedom community is already large enough to effect long-term positive change; all we need to do now is unite and strategise TOGETHER. That is why Reignite World Freedom was born.