Made public the Epstein client list

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T-shirt Made public the Epstein client list
T-shirt Made public the Epstein client list.
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  • Date First Available: 2022-07-20
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  • Design Description: Quote, red and white on black background with slogan “Made public the Epstein client list.”

Ghislaine Maxwell received a 20-year prison sentence for obtaining children for celebrities, including her partner Jeffrey Epstein. Its client list has never been made public. The focus remained on Epstein and Maxwell, not on the others. Is there no justice for the world’s greats? Nonetheless, we are discussing paedophilia, sexual slavery, sexual exploitation of minors, and human trafficking. Several of his powerful friends’ names have surfaced in court documents and the media. However, everything mysteriously vanished. Elon Musk also posed the question “why the Justice Department refuses to release Epstein’s client list Doesn’t that sound odd to you?” Made public the Epstein client list!

Hundreds of pages of public court documents confirm that Jeffrey Epstein has long been a prominent member of the jet set, close to celebrities such as Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Virginia Roberts, one of Epstein’s victims, claims she was “offered to politicians, university professors, and people from royalty.” She also claimed to have had relationships with a member of the British royal family, a former MIT professor, a former Maine senator, a former New Mexico governor, and a well-known lawyer. According to New York Magazine, former US President Bill Clinton also boarded the financier’s private jet several times.

Conspiracy theories and accusations of conspiracy are sometimes used to prevent legitimate investigative journalism from taking place. This attitude is exemplified by the Epstein case, which is still ongoing and has numerous components. It is very tempting to assume that the unspoken truth is known when an official version of an event is incomplete or has multiple flaws. However, there is a gap between the standard scientific procedure of formulating hypotheses and then verifying them, i.e. questioning oneself, and the certainty of having access to an alternative truth without providing proof. It is understandable to wonder what happened to Epstein. Unsatisfactory flaws or silences in mainstream media narratives fuel conspiracy theories.

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