Potus stop giving our money to Ukraine!

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T-shirt Potus stop giving our money to Ukraine!
T-shirt Potus stop giving our money to Ukraine.
  • Category: America
  • Format: PNG
  • Transparency: Yes
  • Size file: 6300×6300 pixels
  • Weight: 9601KB
  • Brand: Rebel Republik Art
  • Copyright: ©rebelrepublikart.com
  • Date First Available: 2022-07-26
  • Design Type: Image and slogan
  • Design Description: Drawing and slogan, drawing of Joe Biden on a white circle, white text on blue background on PNG transparent with slogan “Potus is driving people into ruin and recession. Stop giving our money to Ukraine.”

75% of Americans said it was “very or somewhat difficult to make ends meet.” 40% of workers polled said they couldn’t find $400 in relief funds. The most shocking finding, however, is that “about 20% said they went hungry because they couldn’t afford to eat enough,” according to the same study. Meanwhile, Biden will provide $54 billion in aid to Ukraine. Money that could have been used to help people with their many economic problems, such as unemployment, inflation, skyrocketing gasoline prices, a shortage of baby milk powder, and so on. Potus is driving people into ruin and recession. Stop giving our money to Ukraine!

Democratic leaders appear to be ignoring the harsh reality on the ground, where food prices are skyrocketing and inflation has reached unsustainable levels. According to new Bureau of Labour Statistics data released on February 10, the U.S. consumer price index rose 7.5 percent in January compared to the same month a year earlier, marking the fastest annual rate since 1982, according to the Financial Times. Apart from occasional government assistance, little has been done in the US economy in terms of structural changes that would ensure greater equality across all sectors of society.

To avoid answering difficult questions about the well-being of millions of Americans, the true function of their democratic institutions, and the existing corruption within the U.S. political system, Democrats and their media blame their Republican opponents or create foreign policy distractions, regardless of who controls Congress or resides in the White House. Above all, a political strategy that consists in tarnishing the image of Trump and his supporters, in returning to the history of the January 6 insurgency…

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